In love with people who want to be together more than they want anything.
Always looking for the next great dance party.
Avid traveller.
Film photographer.
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Available for select wedding commissions worldwide.

My Story

When I was at university for photography, I hung out with the artists.
People who created for love, not money. 
No business skills, no desire to cultivate them.
People who were willing to see the world differently
capture what they loved and impact people's hearts.

And I swore up and down, left and right, 
that I would never shoot weddings.

I'd look at wedding blogs from time to time
when I heard other classmates raving about them
and, with some exceptions, I wasn't inspired by what I saw there.
Repetitive details, flowers, posed photographs, bridesmaids fake laughing.

I was spending hours in the library at the university
studying books by the great photographic masters;
Imogene Cunningham, Annie Leibovitz, Sally Mann,
Henri Cartier Bresson, William Eggleston, Iain McKell...
Great photographers who shot timeless images
with import, meaning, beauty. 
Photographs that changed
the course of history, hearts, minds, nations.
How could that compare with shots of bridesmaids jumping?

And I swore up and down, left and right,
"I will never shoot weddings."

With graduation looming a year away,
I realized that 'pretty things with weird light on them'
wasn't a career. So I dipped a toe into portrait photography.
And I loved it.
Spending time with people one on one
learning how they think, feel, their vulnerabilities, their hearts.
It was like coming home.
I loved it.

And still I stubbornly swore up and down, left and right,
"I will never, ever shoot weddings."

Be careful what you say you'll never do.
The year after I completed my degree, I jumped into editorial photography.
I was shooting magazine work, portraits, etc, telling stories for businesses and publications.
Loved it. Still do. 
Later that year, I met Paige + Clint who asked me to shoot their wedding and tell their love story.

They had seen my editorial and portrait work and loved it.
They were joyful, truly in love people who were clearly focused on each other and their loved ones.
They weren't thrilled with stereotypical wedding photography either.
They didn't want to spend their whole day posing, 
missing all the fun. They wanted to be present
and have photographs that reflected that.

Slowly, Paige + Clint changed my heart on wedding photography.
and finally, I found my niche in celebration photography.

Visit Paige and Clint's wedding here.

My niche was in becoming a wedding storyteller, a photojournalist, what have you. Whatever you like to call someone who shoots quietly, unobtrusively, gently capturing the delicate moments of a wedding day. I became a person who weaves together visual narratives that bring people back to the best moments of their day.

I still shoot magazine work and for businesses; it keeps me fresh, inspired, current.
I love every one of my editorial clients just as much as my couples.
To me, it's all light and love anyway.

I love the wedding industry;
I love the kind hearts of the people who work in weddings;
they truly care about the couples that they serve.
I love pretty details with loads of thought and care placed into them. 
I dig flowers and a well-designed gown.
I've been featured on some top notch wedding blogs.
I've worked with some amazing planners
and stylists who truly put the best of the couple
into the details and it is wonderful.
Great details are just plain fun to shoot!

But generally speaking, I haven't been thrilled with what is happening in wedding photography.
When did it become about a formula? When did it become all about external details and not about
the details of people's hearts? Aren't people the purpose of a wedding?

A lot of people at weddings ask me if I'm friends with the couple. 
Usually I don't know them personally and say so.
They will say, "Oh really? You seem so invested in them!"
I smile.

I finished my thesis paper for my BA in photography three years ago.
It was about why images are powerful, how they can cause social change. 
I loved this quote that I found in my research from Martin Barnes, 
the senior curator of photographs at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

“Great photographs are like visual poetry. They neatly capture and express a situation or emotion that transcends the everyday. The most intriguing photographs do not over explain. Though they brim with information, they also provoke a desire for knowledge, and seem to promise it, but ultimately they fall profoundly silent and still.” 

I now take select wedding commissions. 
Your day doesn't have to be the next wedding blog sensation
with perfect details and precise tablescape. 
If it is, that's great of course.
But what I'm looking for is a story.
Your story.
Genuine, real moments,
life in all its imperfections.
It's beautiful.
It's you.

Let's celebrate. 

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